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I have an appointment with my Crim Law professor in about an hour to discuss last semesters final. I already looked over it in her assistants office and found a few errors that I need to discuss with her.  I know. It’s sounds really douchy! Like I think I know more than my professor. That’s not it. It’s just that my information is backed by the slides that she prepared and posted on the class webpage. I hope to be able to get the issues resolved without any drama. I’m a little freaked out but I’m doing exactly what Alan Shore would do. He would fight for what he believes is right and if I turn out to be wrong, so be it, but if I’m going down, I need to go down fighting.

What Would Alan Shore Do? Probably be a smart ass and say inappropriate shit to the professor… Unfortunately, I don’t have as much leverage as Mr. Shore. BUT, the fact that I’m even contesting it is a testament to how balsy I am. I’m I right? I’m I right?

UPDATE: I went, I fought, I lost. But it was a fair fight….. sigh! That damned C is REALLY cramping my style! I’m glad I at least tried…

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